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Lightning fast, scalable cloud servers.
Starting from 10 euro per month
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Deploy a cloud server in seconds. A server is deployed in real-time with the resources and software you select.

1 Select server size & location
Select server size<br /> & location
2 Select your operation system and software
Select your operation<br /> system and software
3 ... and you are ready to go!
... and you are<br /> ready to go!

Speed up your sites and applications

Many visitors, transactions, queries, or requests? The high performance cloud platform of Cloud Provider is ready for it! Don't settle for less.

SSD storage

SSD storage

Our cloud only uses SSD disks for an optimal performance.

56 Gbit/s network

56 Gbit/s network

The internal network has a fast throughput of 56 Gbps.

Self-healing hardware

Self-healing hardware

Hardware failure? Your server will automatically be moved to healthy hardware.

Who we are

Cloud Provider is a Dutch cloud hosting and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider. We were founded in 2008, and have currently more than 800 customers. Our goal is to make complex server infrastructure simple and accessible for you as a customer, so you can focus on your business.
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Who we are
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Clear and flexible pricing
You don't need a calculator here. CPU cores, memory, disk space, and bandwidth are all bundled in 1 price, and you can add additional resources if needed. You pay by the hour for total flexibility.

Cloud Server

10 /month (€0,015/hour)
1 CPU core
512 MB RAM
10 GB SSD disk
1 TB bandwidth
Free backup Sign up

Cloud Server

15,50 /month (€0,023/hour)
1 CPU core
20 GB SSD disk
1 TB bandwidth
Free backup Sign up

Cloud Server

23,50 /month (€0,035/hour)
2 CPU core
30 GB SSD disk
1 TB bandwidth
Free backup Sign up
Custom server
Need a specific configuration? Build your own server.
Select the amount of CPU cores, memory, and disk space in our portal.
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All our cloud servers include


DNS management

Snapshot backups

Private networking

Simple API

iOS & Android apps